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In earlier times, simply delivering goods intact and on time was a sufficient measure of......

Rehan Gulab Associates

is one of the leading Freight Forwarding and Custom Brokerage Agent in Pakistan, having their...

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Rehan Gulab Associates:

We would like to introduce "Rehan Gulab Associates" which is one of the leading Freight Forwarding and Custom Clearing Service Provider, having its offices in all the major cities of Pakistan. Rehan Gulab Associates have been serving the National, Multinational, Oil, Textiles and the I.T. industries in Pakistan as their freight forwarder and custom Services Provider in Pakistan for over a decade.

Our aim is to provide "TOTAL CUSTOMER CARE". Our trained staff is equipped with experience and expertise and is experienced in most of the areas of Freight Forwarding, Custom Clearing, Consolidation and Deconsolidation of Import and Export shipments and other International transportation related services.

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